RGB Classes

Former NBA player Coach Ronnie has developed unique, age-specific training methods to help your child learn how to play basketball the right way.

Classes are divided into different age groups and skill levels in order to create the best possible environment for growth.

Our curriculum is designed to develop each player’s skills in dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, and much more. Players will also be given an opportunity to use these skills in a game setting. We focus on creating a positive environment by encouraging our students to do their best while still having loads of fun!

Age Groups



30 min


45 min


1 hour


Why is it so important to start with the fundamentals?

The foundation is the most important aspect of a building project; the same is true for basketball players.

Players with good fundamentals can more easily progress to advanced skills and techniques

We believe that it is important to keep the "fun" in fundamentals; after all, it is a game!