Holiday Skills Training Clinics

Pro-Style Shooting Clinic

Dates:  December 27 and 28

Times:  1-4pm

Director:  Former NBA Player Ronnie Grandison

Boys & Girls:  Ages 11-14

Cost: $79


Learn the proper fundamentals of shooting: This clinic is specially designed to help your child understand the dynamics of shooting a basketball.  Your child will participate in walk-through demonstrations, step-by-step drills, real-time video breakdowns, and much more.  They will leave with a shooting evaluation, a backyard workout plan and a great understanding of how to shoot a basketball.  Don't miss your exciting opportunity to learn the correct fundamentals of shooting! (Intermediate to advanced players only)


CURRICULUM INCLUDES:  Proper Shooting Footwork, Proper Ball Release, Triple Threat Form, The 1-2 Step, One-Hand Shooting Form, Lay-Up Techniques, Free Throw Routine, Shooting Off The Dribble, Catch And Shoot, The Gather