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Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3 Hindi Movie Torrent Free Download Hd [2022]




This film is the remake of 2013 Bollywood movie of same name in Bengali. The film was released on 25 August 2016. Synopsis Rajesh (Saurav Chakraborty) is the son of a politician. The film starts with him telling his father, how much he loves him and wants to be like him. The politician dies. Rajesh makes arrangements for his father's funeral and brings him back home, a castle. At the same time, his friend Hans (Vinay Pathak) also arrives. Hans is Rajesh's friend from school, who is now in Los Angeles. Rajesh makes Hans welcome at his house. Soon, Rajesh and Hans also find out that Rajesh's boss is the son of a police officer who killed Hans' father in a fight. They confront each other and decide to take their revenge. When Rajesh's family comes home, they see Rajesh and Hans scuffling. Rajesh calls Hans's father and tells him that Rajesh is in their house. Hans's father arrives and as he walks upstairs to find his son, Rajesh and Hans shoot his leg. The dying father dies and Rajesh becomes a ghost. Rajesh starts a fight with Hans and his family, and Rajesh brings them to their death. Meanwhile, Rajesh goes to see a woman who tells him that Hans wants to get back with her by going away to Los Angeles. Hans was the one who was supposed to go to Los Angeles to get married. Rajesh stays alone in a hotel room where he meets some people who are trying to tell him that they are ghosts. Rajesh finally finds Hans and reveals to him that he is a ghost and that he can bring his family back as well. The group of ghosts try to convince Rajesh that he is just a man, but he says that he has seen a dead man and knows that he can actually do that. So, Rajesh brings Hans's family back to life and Hans and the woman are also brought back to life. Rajesh brings Hans back to Los Angeles so that they can live together in a house that they had bought. Cast Saurav Chakraborty as Rajesh Vinay Pathak as Hans Rushad Rana as Raja Omi Vaidya as Politician Samrat Chakraborty Ishrat Ali as Bittu Satyajit Bhatacharya as Raja's father Jayanta Saha



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Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3 Hindi Movie Torrent Free Download Hd [2022]

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