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RGB Testimonials

I just wanted to quickly share with you that after a very grueling try out process, we found out that Justin did make the 7th grade team!

Apparently they had 116 boys try out.

I wanted to especially reach out to you to thank you for all you've done. Frankly, a year ago we didn't think he'd had a prayer of making the team with such stiff competition (in spite of his size & speed). 

He has learned SO much from you and we can't say enough about how much his overall basketball skills have improved since meeting with you 1-on-1 (plus being on the spring & fall teams as well... he's learned a ton!).  Every night before try outs he said he remembered everything you told him 😊 

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along our thanks to you, and we'll certainly be singing your praises to others who are looking for someone to help their kid learn more basketball skills.

Signed, "A"

I just wanted to send a quick note.
As you know we moved to Blacksburg, Virginia about five months ago.

For Omar’s middle school basketball team, 60 boys tryed-out for 15 spots and there were three cuts.

Yesterday, Omar found out he made the team!

He told us that during the try-outs, he used every technique he was taught through RGB over the years!

Signed, "E"

A quick update on my son. He made his middle school A Team, after 3 tryouts and 40 kids. I appreciate you working him hard, as I feel strong the RGB teams & clinics were a big reason for this. 

Signed, "K"

"A year ago, we didn't think he had a prayer of making the team!" He made the team!

Signed, RGB Parent

"A year ago, we didn't think he had a prayer of making the team!" He made the team!

Signed, RGB Parent

"I have my 15-year-old son working out with Ronnie and although I’ve played basketball my entire life there is only so much a son will listen to his father about. Ronnie is giving him some excellent tips and helping to work on his shot form. My son and I both find his help very valuable!"

Signed, Chris

I have sat through a couple clinics RG has spoke at and followed his training videos and couldn’t be more excited to share these with the teams I’m involved with.

Signed, Rusty

My son Symon has a love for the game of basketball, we share this love, and have been searching for a place to develop in the off season. He attended winter camps to see what RGB was about and he decided he would like to try out for the team in the Spring. As we rushed from a game over an hour away to make the tryouts he was super excited to be selected to join RGB. He played Spring with the B team, then tried out again for Summer and was moved to the A team where he played with a group of very talented young men (RGB 6th grade). I watched every practice, we are 40 minutes door to door and I appreciate the focus on skill development, correct techniques, and level of professionalism that each and every practice was ran. Your coaching staff does an amazing job with the boys (Austin, Cierra, Van, and others) they made a huge impact on Symon as a player and I watched him grow tremendously this Spring and Summer.


Thank you for providing a fantastic organization for players to truly push and develop their game! We will be back and hopefully play for RGB again!


Thank you,

Amy Mattes

RGB helped Carlos set his basketball goals and reach them! Carlos was in the starting lineup for Moeller High School, the 2018 Ohio State Champions. He is now playing basketball in college.

Carlos & Marisol Garcia

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