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Your child will learn the fundamentals of basketball while having lots of fun! Offered year round for players ages 3- 12.



Rec League is back! Give your child the opportunity to experience real-time basketball games. For ages 5-8.


Why choose

  • First-class NBA–caliber coaching experience

  • Elite, development and recreational basketball teams

  • Individual, group, and team basketball training

  • Weekly instructional classes

  • Summer and seasonal camps

  • Player clinics​

At Ronnie Grandison Basketball Academy, former pro basketball player Ronnie Grandison and his highly-qualified staff teach solid basketball fundamentals using proven training methods, ensuring your child will successfully compete in team sports—whether it’s for recreational purposes, the high school or collegiate level, or beyond.

“I say absolutely, learn it the right way from the beginning. I played for five different NBA teams, during which I had to unlearn many bad habits I'd picked up as a young player—something that hindered my development professionally and personally. I wish someone would have taught me the correct way when I was younger.”  —Coach Ronnie

Let’s face it: Although many coaches mean well, few have professional basketball experience to draw on. Having this firsthand know-how provides a definite advantage in teaching sound basketball fundamentals to players. If your child doesn’t have a good foundation on which to build, they may develop poor form and habits which can be difficult to break, ultimately leading to a frustrated young player.


For the past 24 years, Ronnie Grandison Basketball Academy has been teaching basketball fundamentals in a friendly & positive—yet structured—environment.

Give your young player the best opportunity to compete with instruction from experienced coaches and a proven training model used by professional NBA players. With parent and athlete making a full commitment to the services offered, we can assure you that we will:


  • Build a well-rounded athlete

  • Increase basketball IQ

  • Provide real-time playing experience

  • Better an athlete’s chances to play at a higher level

  • Teach athletes how to compete & earn playing time

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