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RGB Team Refund Policy:

  1. When you accept an offer to participate, you accept the financial obligations for the entire team fee for that season. When teams are comprised, monies immediately go directly into uniforms, league, coaches and other fees. 

  2. Refunds will not be given to any players who choose not to play because of conflicts, team or coaching assignments, or an individual’s amount of playing time or for any injuries at anytime during the team season. 

  3. All Team fees are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason, even in the event that your daughter/son quits, is suspended or injured at any point in the season.


Refund Policy for camps/clinics/classes/training only:

Withdraw two weeks prior to the start of camp/clinic/class/training team play for whatever reason: A full refund will be provided (less $30.00 administration fee).


Withdraw within two weeks of the start of camp/clinic/class/training team play for whatever reason: 50% of the registration fees will be refunded (less $30.00 admin fee). Note: If there is a waiting list and should a replacement athlete be available a full refund will be provided (less the $30.00 admin. fee).   


Withdraw within 48 hours of the start of a scheduled session for any reason NO refunds/credits will be provided.


Once the camp/clinic/class/training team has started no refunds/credits will be provided for any reason. 


Injury Refund Policy:


Players who have started the class/training team/clinic or camp and have to withdraw due to personal injury could get a prorated credit towards future class/training team/clinic or camp (less the $30.00 administration fee). A note from a doctor on his/her letterhead indicating the player cannot participate must accompany the refund request, then a decision will be made by the director if a prorated credit is applied. The prorated credit will be from the date we received the Doctors note minus the $30 administrative fee. 

No Refunds/credits will be made if the participant does not attend the clinic/camp/training team or class.

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