Are you ready to get better? 

Come work on your game with us.

The RG Basketball team plan includes:

  • Two 1.5 hour skills training/practice sessions

  • The drills specifically designed by former NBA player Ronnie Grandison

  •  A weekly competitive basketball game and/or tournaments in the area

  • Practice Jersey and shorts.

The goal is simple, improve. Whether you are trying to make your team, work to become a starter, or be the best in the area, our students achieve tremendous gains by playing on one of our teams. 

Team training
is the way to go!

All in all, our RG Basketball teams provide a great opportunity for your child’s development and are a worthwhile investment in their basketball future.

The RG Basketball team plan is the perfect way to get prepared for the next season. The plan focuses on individual skills and game playing experience - both of which are critical to your development as a player.