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How to be a successful multi-sport athlete!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

You can have it all, but in order to do it well, you'll need to follow this key advice!

Playing more than one sport, particularly as you begin to excel and participate more competitively, can be difficult—but it’s not impossible. These tips will help you maximize your skillset for multiple sports AND avoid burnout.

1) It helps to “major” in one sport and “minor” in the others. Keep this in mind as you work through the following steps.

2) Train year-round for your No. 1 sport. Summer (aka offseason) is where the big gains are won. In the summer, for example, you’re not going to school, which opens up 6-8 hours each day. This is your chance to sign up for a clinic, camp, or class.

3). When considering which sports you really want to pursue, think about choosing a “minor” sport that compliments your “major”. Like, cross country will help you get in shape for the running soccer entails. Conversely, soccer can help you prepare for basketball, with lots of cardio and practice playing aggressively.

4). While your major sport is in season, find a class, clinic, less-competitive team, or individual/group training for your minor story, to help those skills stay fresh.

5). The opposite of the above applies: During the season of your minor sport, it’s crucial to keep a hand in your major sport in some way. Particularly if it’s a skill-heavy activity like basketball.

6). Last minute training in the preseason—for either sport—will have some benefit, but consistency over time with each of them is your best bet at staying sharp.

7). If your major sport requires an extra amount lot of skill, spend a little time each day brushing up on these skills. For

example, if that sport is basketball, do a quick ball-handling routine and shoot 30 free throws—it will take 20 minutes.

8). We wouldn’t recommend two highly competitive sports in one season. That can cause burnout.

9). No matter what season, sprinkling in other types of training will benefit every sport! Think strength training, speed & agility, and stretching.

What different sports do you play, and what’s your tips for balancing them?

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